Island of Susak

Susak is a small island located in the north of the warm Adriatic sea, 10 nautical miles south-west from the island of Lošinj. Susak is most distant island of the Kvarner Bay. It’s famous for it’s sandy beaches, beautiful folk costumes and yellow dost from which the island made. It is this yellow dust which makes Susak unique - even the the most experienced seamen will agree there’s no similar island in the whole Mediterranean!

Island is known for it’s dusty paths running across sand cascades, connecting the village with coves on the other side of the island. During winter island is practically deserted. The only 200 people who live there throughout the year are the people who stayed behind during the big emigration wave to he United States. On Susak a special dialect is spoken, which is so different from standard Croatian that nobody in Croatia understands it.

People of Susak are very proud of their language and tradition. Despite the efforts to preserve them, they are both are being diluted by dominant culture and will for sure be lost in a couple of decades. Susak costumes are another story. Young women wear colorful short ballet-shaped skirt, a matching vest and pink or orange woolen stockings. Dolls dressed this outfit are sold as souvenirs.


Swim and eat

The island is 3 km long (1.86 miles) and 1.5 km wide (0.93 miles), has circumference of 12 km (7.5 miles) and a surface of 3.5 km2 (1.35 square miles). Due to the limestone base, the coastline is mostly made of stone, with the exception of a few beeches which covered with pebbles or sand. The depth of the see around the island varies: on the side of the island facing the mainland the bottom is shallow and covered with sand. On the other side of the island water is much deeper, while the bottom is predominantly rocky. One of the most interesting bays it called Obis, which is characterized by vertical coastline and cliffs dropping directly to the depth of 20-30 meters (35-100 ft).

When talking about beaches or coves, Susak has two sides: a northen side which is facing Mali Lošinj, and the southern side which is exposed to open see (it’s facing Italy). Apart from their orientation, both sides differ in the shape of the coastline, depth of the water and accessibility.

Instead to sticking to one beach for the duration of your stay at the island, it’s smarter to visit as many beaches as possible and select the one which you like the most! Susak isn’t a big island, meaning this should not be too difficult. In fact is’t so small that you can hike around it in a few hours (see hiking around Susak).

When it comes to eating and drinking goes on Susak, you shouldn’t expect too much. There's quite a few restaurants around where you can get a descent meal for a reasonable price, but that’s it. There are no exclusive restaurants with pricey dishes, endless selection of vintage vines etc.

Marina and anchorage

Yachts seeking refuge at island of Susak have a few options at their disposal. Apart from the obvious choice of local harbor, there’s also anchorage in Bok bay. A more knowledgeable skippers often drop their anchor in bays of Porat, Nasuzanski, Tiesni and Baldarka.

The Susak marina has 23 berths, of which 20 are with moorings, while 3 places are for mooring at side. Marina depth is 3 meters. The inner part of the marina is well protected from all winds, while tha pontoon part of it is exposed.

All berths have fresh water and power supply. Garbage and waste oil may be disposed of in nearby containers.

Fuel and cooking gas is unavailable. Groceries can be found in the store in the vicinity of the port.


Anchorage at the Bok bay can accommodate up to 30 boats. It is well protected from southern jugo and eastern wind, while exposed to northern bura wind and western maestral.

Although during summer western maestral wind picks up almost every afternoon, anchorage is oriented in such a way that this does not affect the safety of the boats. After sunset maestral loses its strength offering cooler and pacefull night.

Additional info about the this achorage can be found at www.luka-susak.


Bay of Tiesni is located at the southeast part of the island, south of Bok bay. It can accommodate up to 3 boats. Due to its southern orientation it offers perfect protection from northern bura and western maestral wind.


Nasuzanski is located at the most southern tip of the island. It’s a narrow bay with almost vertical slopes, which offer great protection from northern bura and western maestral wind. Since it’s a really small bay, it can accommodate 1-2 boats.


The spacious bay of Porat with its shallow sandy bottom is especially popular amoung boaters. The bay is located at the western end of the island, making it protected from northern bura, eastern and western maestral wind.


Baldarka is the only north-facing bay which offers free anchorage. The water depth ranges from 3 to 5 meters, making it similar to Bok bay. Due to its small size and orientation it is protected only from the southern jugo wind.

Navigation info

Additional navigational info can be found at Susak @ Cruise Wiki, although some information might outdated.